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The Internet has been a boon for people with chronic illnesses and more, and  those who are interested in Genetic Cancer Screeing (CGx) to determine early detection of potential risks of mutations. Telemedicine is becoming an important new tool for people  to receive healthcare in the comfort of thier own home or where they may be or have access to interenet and phone services. .

Things to know about TeleHealth/Doctor

  • TeleHealth is an option for many patients when considering a CGx test.

Insurance companies may or may not reimburse for telemedicine. Medicare and Medicaid both reimburse for the Genetic Cancer test… However each State governs how Medicaid is or not reimburseing. And some states are far more agressive that others.
Telemedicine won't be appropriate for all medical needs (such as when a physical exam is needed).

What is TeleHealth

TeleHealth is, broadly put, a way to receive healthcare and in this case obtain a Letter of Medical Necessity required for Genetic Cancer testing using telecommunications. That could include the telephone, video calls, texts, email, or other ways to connect, such as patient portals or social media. In regards to Genetic Cancer testing, Letter of Medical Necessity, only audio and video will be acceptable.