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HIPPA Compliance and Certification

MedVantage Consulting understands the growing need for security in our digital world and in HIPAA compliance.  Our consultants are not only HIPPA Certified but conduct online correspondence through encrypted email, including secure encrypted email storage.

While most HIPAA training sites will give you a cursory understanding of your requirements under the regulation, they fail to address the full extent of the law.

With MedVantage Consulting, HIPPA training, and encrypted email you as a Healthcare Partners should be looking to meet all the federal requirements for effective HIPAA training. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) outlines the minimum necessary requirements for any compliance program in a document called the Seven Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program. This outline is a powerful tool that should be the guiding force behind your compliance program. With this infrastructure in place, you can look at the specific implementation standards outlined in the law to help your business become compliant.

HIPAA 101 training is an essential way to prevent possible breaches and fines before they occur.

Social Media: With the presence of social media in the workplace as a marketing tool and for personal use growing, it’s never been more important to train Healthcare Consultants on how to avoid HIPAA violations on social media. Effective HIPAA training should introduce Consultants to basic ways to handle social media. 

Policies and Procedures: Another essential element of HIPAA compliance is the creation, documentation, and implementation of policies and procedures. HIPAA policies and procedures must directly apply to all applicable HIPAA standards that your personal health care business is responsible for complying with.